Saturday, February 16, 2019


We've been developing great software for 12 years. We know which platforms work and won't work for different scales of project.

Yes, we can provide an Enterprise level solution that's scalable and extensible with a complex Security hierarchy that's real time, multi-transactional and mission critical - no problem!



If you don't need it, you won't get it and most importantly, you won't pay for functionality that adds complexity and you only use 10% of.

We will work with you and recommend an appropriate technology and platform based on YOUR REQUIREMENTS. Now that's a good idea ;-)

Test Driven Development?

Regardless of the platform/solution, you get a professional high quality package. We build from the ground up which means before a line of code is written, we will work with you to compile Test Plans that will give you immediate assurance that what you will get is what you asked for. It's not rocket science - just a sensible pragmatic approach. 

We provide Consultancy services in all aspects of the SDLC inclusing environment set up, automated build and deployment, versioning, trouble shooting ad configuration management. If it's related to Software development, we can help...